Success Stories

Professors from over 500 colleges and universities use Chem101 to engage students inside and outside of the classroom. Learn how some of them have transformed their courses.

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How One Chemistry Department Saved Its Student Population Over $60,000 Per Year

Brad Bates and Brian Woodrum have led the adoption of Chem101 and OpenStax Chemistry to increase engagement and significantly reduce student costs in their General Chemistry sequence

Brad Bates & Brian Woodrum

Chemistry Faculty, Department of Physicals Sciences & Engineering, Chandler Gilbert Community College

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Making the Flip: Technology that Enhances the Flipped Classroom Model

Professor Stephanie Dillon uses Chem101 to flip her 350+ student General Chemistry course at Florida State University and has seen improvements in student performance

Stephanie Dillon

Faculty & Director of Freshman Chemistry Labs, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Florida State University

Female GOB chemistry student

Increasing GOB Student Engagement Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Professor Krysta Riel Maas uses Chem101 to engage her nursing student population and enable “learning to happen anywhere”

Krysta Riel Maas

Chemistry Instructor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The College of St. Scholastica