How to Teach Chemistry in a More Inclusive Way

STEM and the chemistry field have often struggled with diversity. Learn how your classroom can serve your students better.

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A Guide to Keeping Students Engaged in College-Level Chemistry Courses

The most important way to improve your students’ engagement in their college chemistry courses is to employ teaching strategies that are centered on active learning.

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Do Your Chemistry Students Get Frustrated With Online Homework?

Technology that focuses on the student experience, device accessibility, and cost can overcome frustrations with online homework.

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Solving the World’s Emerging Problems: Inspiring STEM Students with Better Chemistry Education

Today’s STEM students will lead the way with innovative solutions, but can only do so if we provide them with the necessary education to succeed in these fields.

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The Future of Technology in Chemical Education

Complex STEM disciplines like chemistry are notoriously difficult — both for instructors to teach and for students to learn. Fortunately, student-focused educational technology (edtech) helps lower the barrier to chemistry for students no matter their level of preparedness. Even so, it’s important to look toward the future and continue to build applications that serve the ever-changing needs of students and instructors.

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Educational Technology Should be Designed Specifically for Chemistry

Among the large number of courses that students will take as part of their college degree program, chemistry can be one of the most challenging. The right edtech tools even the playing field.

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5 Ways to Reduce Course Costs

As the cost of a college education rises for students, here are 5 ways instructors can reduce course costs without compromising the quality of instruction.

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